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We identified in the market of Household, the search for products with excellence and quality, and a kind and differentiated technical and commercial support. With this motivation, we structured ourselves in order to attend the important market of Household.

We developed a broad product portfolio that seeks to meet the needs of large, medium and small businesses in all regions of the country. With agility and security in delivery, we could fulfill our commitment of attend quickly and efficiently.

We developed a fully automated filling process without any manual contact, ensuring the same quality of the manufacturer on items received in bulk and filled in our packaging.

With air-conditioned warehouse, vertical stock and electric forklifts without emission of gaseous pollutants, we ensure the integrity of stored products.

We have a technical team composed of chemical and engineers and fully trained to offer appropriate technical support appropriated to the specific needs of each customer.

The ISO 9001/2008 certification is applied especially to ensure the quality and reliability in the commercialization and to know ever better the needs of our customers.


So this is the Daxia Doce Aroma, a modern company, agile and committed to offer a quality service and PRODUCTS THAT YOU CAN TRUST!

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